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How to make awesome use of time during self-isolation

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

I think we all find ourselves in that same hard place right now. Not being able to see friends and other family members on top of feeling stuck at home for the sake of staying safe as a family.

Even though this can seem like a difficult time, it also offers opportunities and man moments for things we usually don’t have or make time for. It sort of forces is to follow the usual grind and busy schedule and have to improvise with many details.

But that’s ok and here I want to share a list with you of how to be content, productive and also have a special bonding with your little ones during this time.

Please feel free to add to this list by commenting on this post below! Your input is absolutely valuable! We do not do this parent thing alone, no in fact, at times we need a whole (sometimes virtual) village to raise our babies and grow up ourselves!

Now on to the ultimate list of having an awesome, productive yet loving & fun day at home

1. Stick with a routine to give it a sense of normality ( and sanity)

2. Make a list of small ( or big) projects that you want to achieve during this time such as bookkeeping, cleaning or organizing. It can be whatever you want and I makes you feel motivated and focused.

3.Have lots of energizing rituals with your family such as going for a –34 walk or sharing a meal at a certain time ( without cell phones of course). Avoid playgrounds and busy parks right now.

4. Plan to make your favorite meals together as a family. Make more and freeze them so you have some for a lazy day.

5. Start your own little projects like a garden or a little chicken farm 😀

This is one of my favorites (unless you usually travel a lot). Anyways little kids love this. It gives them a job on a consistent basis and which kid doesn’t like to be outdoors?

6. Plan out your personal goals in a detailed way. Can be business too. I love this one because seeing all the details of the whys, what’s and how’s help you to determine direction and passion about what you do.

7. Plan lots of breaks. With littles ones this is a must. plan lots of rest and nap times to rejuvenate.

8. Make space for moments to hold and hug your baby/ toddler/ kid. These moments seem almost seldom in our fast paced society but they bring connection and relief.

9. Physical activities are always a great help when you feel stir-crazy indoors. Go on your favorite trail, kick or throw a ball, swing and slide if you can, ride your bikes around the blog, walk the dog, even the sandbox or little pool is a great way out for little ones.

10. Since you can’t go on many outings, create your own. Make a campfire and put up some tents. Use that barbecue pit that never gets used. Do some outdoor games in the backyard and put on some music. Eat dinner outside on the patio.

11.More outdoors: (I personally love the outdoors because it is so relaxing. you can also get some awesome stuff done and get some endorphins going at the same time) Organize the shed, make some new flowerbeds and/or pots, clean up the backyard and so on

12. Mental times of focus are important as well. Mostly these things should be done in the morning, at least my brain does better that way. Journaling, meditation, goals and any kind of productive mental work is better taken on in the first half of the day

13. Share chores with your significant other. This is an encouraging gesture that you’re in this day together and are working for each other

14. Let there be some room for leisure but keep it till the end of day to keep feeling energized and having your spirit feeling lifted. If you start out the day in this way, it will probably have you feeling sluggish for the rest of it.

15. Keep a positive attitude throughout the day, reminding yourself that there is a time for everything and you can use this down time for some in-depth reflection, some special times just enjoying your family and maybe even to catch up on things that you never had time before.

16. Do not only do things that you have to do but that you enjoy doing. Maybe it’s reading, maybe it’s sports, maybe you just like to do nothing for a minute.

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