• Vera Johnston

Easy Mom Self-Care

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Self-Care should not have to be so complicated, especially when you’re a mom and constantly needing to give your attention to somebody 😬

So let’s make it easy peasy, so that every mom on here reading this can enjoy some sanity saving moments.

Sit outside for 10 minutes and soak up some sunlight

I know this might sound silly but this little trick can do wonders when it comes to fueling you with newfound energy. As moms we definitely experience a new level of tired and especially slumps of exhaustion around 3pm. Short moments like this have helped me out tremendously, so do it right now if you can!

Shower anybody?

Say hello to the luxury of motherhood, something you will never again appreciate in this way. Taking a shower is big as a mom, but washing your hair, doing a mask and even getting to shave make you feel like an all around new person 🤩 Now you might wonder: How am I going to do all that when I can’t even go pee by myself? All I can say is: wait for that baby to nap and then don’t postpone that self-care till later and do housework instead, do it right away. Once you feel better about yourself, you will be a lot more motivated and productive to do other stuff.

Take it easy on yourself

Meaning don’t put more stress on you from your own mind. There are enough other stress factors that already weigh on you. So the thing you really have to let yourself know is that you are doing a wonderful job and sometimes there is nothing else you can accomplish in that moment and just accept it. I know that many of us have always overachieved before being a new mom and this fact may be a hard brand new reality to face. So face it with a grand embrace, knowing that this is not the rest of your life but only for a short lasting season.

While you put that baby down for a nap, stay put yourself

This is probably one of the hardest ones. Even if it is just for another 20 min, it might do the trick for you. For me personally I feel horrible when taking a full on nap, it makes me feeling a groggy and even more tired. So just resting for a little while gives me a newfound burst of energy. It might not be as good as sleeping for a long time, but it definitely gives a little recharge. Also I recommend not being on your phone while doing this but unplugging yourself from everything: chores, work stuff and even entertainment. Once you get up you can plan what else needs to be done.

Stop being on edge and start to enjoy

That might sound like another cliche statement that is to too hard to do. As moms we constantly think do-do-do, always thinking about what else is required of us and what we have to tackle next. And partly this is very much true. But on the other hand we are just horribly influenced by the fast-paced society that we live in. Instead of always being busy and always rushing because of all the stuff we want to get done, your little one would absolutely appreciate your kind and interested attention. Just take a moment out to cuddle and kiss on them, to play with them, to just enjoy their presence. We must take moments aside to stop simply doing tasks and start spending more time, and will also soon notice how you will be less stressed and anxious.There will always be more things to be done, but as moms we have to focus on the most important thing, which is our child.

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