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10 MUST GO places after the quarantine

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Aren’t we all waiting for it? To be able to go take our kids to the many places that are fun and engaging. I know one of the biggest thing my son is missing right now is social interaction with other kids and exerting energy by engaged play and all that good running around. He thrives in a socially rich environment, the more people he sees in a day the better. Now of course he has little sister but an 11-month old and 3-year old don’t always like to play the same way. But they are learning.

But anyways social interaction has been a big thing thats been missing recently. I know personally we search for reasons to get out even if it’s just for an occasional walk or to pick up some pizza. It all helps. Now for some people this temporary distancing has been more of a blessing and a vacation all in once. Believe me I get it we all need a break sometimes. In the long run however I feel myself starting to look forward to doing certain things that we used to take for granted. It’s actually a good thing: making you grateful for what you once enjoyed on a regular basis and at the same time- here it comes - makes you look forward to it all in a new unprecedented way.

That is I think the beauty of making this list of things to do after quarantine: to be excited for it and to plan for every nice and important thing that you want to do them, and you really have a lot of time to think about it and do those things that are actually meaningful and not merely busy.

We have enough of that in our lives already.

So here it comes: my hopes and ideas for the near future, summarized:

1. Get together with somebody for dinner and make it extra special and celebratory 😊

2. Go to the store without feeling guilty toward my kids (also seeing all the fearful faces walking around)

3. Have all parks, playgrounds, indoor play areas open up again! Yeah for physical activities!

4. Meet other moms and kiddos for play dates (this one is kind of important for everybody, because most everybody is so in themselves and their little bubble)

5. Travel! Some time this year we would like to visit my family who lives in Europe and the restrictions have made this already challenging family life even more difficult!

6. People in general wanting to actually talk to you again face to face - like your neighbors and people at the store or at work

7. Being able to visit friends and show your live for them by you physically being there!

8. Getting together at our church and actually doing something together instead of having a video call only

9. Actually going sit down at a restaurant to eat instead of passing by and eating on the road

10. Just going browse and walk in public places, everything is pretty much shut down and not much left to walk, not even in and around nature itself :(

These are mine so far! What are your places to go after quarantine? Share in the comments!

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