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Our favorite baby toys during quarantine

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

These are some of our favorite picks when it comes to entertaining a baby inside. They are satisfying and change things up when needed. Check these out for some new inspiration for your time with baby. Note that quite a few of these toys come from Germany since my parents and entire family live overseas. So these are inspirations for toys to use, you don’t have to have this exact item for your baby. There is so much variety when it comes to baby toys.

Simple frog rattle by Sigikid. Soft and great for chewing too!

Plays 4 different tunes as well as 4 different melodies, super fun to enjoy music together. Baby can pay it with their hands since the surface is so big. By SkipHop

Hand puppets make a baby smile in no time. Frog prince anyone?

A bag of wooden blocks with crazy shapes and friendly colors brighten any day and are very interactive for mom and baby. By Hape

One of our favorite little books for babies. The best part is the openings on each page to play peekaboo with baby. Mine loves this part the best!

A simple little doll is one of my baby girl’s favorites. It’s hands on play and human like features that stimulate early play and social skills.

You can shake humans gear and see the spectacle of the colorful beads inside this little buddy. He is cuddly and exciting at the same time. Made by Ravensburger.

Fine motor skills? We got you covered with this bucket of fabric fish and velcro fishing rod.

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