• Vera Johnston

The social factor: key to a healthy and happy baby

We all may know: Our little ones eat better in company, are more content playing with other kids rather than alone, they long for moms and dads constant attention to feel content.

Even though these traits may make new parents frustrated at times, it is actually healthier for them to be around as many people as possible to grow in their socializing skills. Those skills as studies have shown lay the foundation for a good social network. It also promotes their ability and motivation to interact with people around them. Those two (2) things exactly, social network and social interaction have been proven to be the most vital for living a longer life. Other factors that are often assumed as more important to good health such as nutrition, smoking, alcohol consumption & exercise only took 3rd, 4th place and so on...

Source and overview of these studies can be researched here: (medical journal: PLOS Medicine)

Isn't this astonishing? Actually it is not for most parents as many of them instinctively know this and promote their child's early socialization. It is subsequently even more important for us to set forth the example in the most excellent manner. This urges us to celebrate and cherish the relationships that we have on a daily basis. Examples of this are sharing a meal together or taking a stroll around the block and making this an important time to take a break from our busy 21st century life and connect with those that we love the most.

What counts is the interest and effort that we show even to our little ones. The daily grind often pushes our boundaries as parents. Thats why it is the more important to stop with the less important things that we think we need to get done or spend our time on and to start using that energy on loving on our babies. Those babies that will soon be gone and leaving the nest. Until then we want to provide them with the right social and family atmosphere that they need to grow up in healthy emotional stability.It doesn't take much, it simply needs our willingness to nourish our young ones with the social life that they desperately need for their own well-being.

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