• Vera Johnston

What to do if you catch COVID-19

Now we all think the same thing: this is getting really serious now! But instead of pressing the panic button, lets look at the basic steps we are to take in case this will happen.

1. First and foremost you are to stay home

2. Second most important thing: continue washing your hands

3. Make sure you're getting some rest and monitor your fever

4. Maintain a distance when you do have to leave the house and as hard as that may be- distance yourself even from your own family.

5. Lastly avoid going to the ER unless it is really an emergency. Feeling sick alone is not reason enough to go but if you feel you really need medical attention call for help and make sure to let them know what you are dealing with so that they can be prepared.

Don’t forget one thing in all these steps:

chances are that you will recover fairly quickly and be back to normal soon.

Try to think of this as you take the precautions to protect others!

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