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What to do if you run out of baby wipes

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

No.1 Use baby washcloths instead

This is actually my favorite way to clean a baby bum if I ever run out of disposable wipes.They are not only better at cleaning but they are also much more easy to clean than you might think. Another bonus is that you never run out of wipes because you can rinse them, soak them and then throw them in for a load of laundry, and boom you have a new set of wash cloths.

Here is a link to my favorite set of washcloths. They are free of harmful chemicals and come with a free wash bag to keep them soft even after many washes which is an important plus when washing sensitive baby skin.

No. 2 Simply wash with some warm water

When there is nothing else available some warm water must do and does actually a great job at cleaning all by itself. Now I know that when you're out and about this option can seem a bit trying, but at home its an acceptable alternative.

My own baby luckily does not have that many poop diapers but maybe once a week since she is breastfed. When I do have a mess on my hand I sometimes prefer to rinse off in the shower or sink, this way I don't have a big mess to clean.

No. 3 Use some regular wet wipes

This one has been a huge lifesaver at times when I had accidentally run out of baby wipes. I don't like to use them long term because I find they are more expensive than the baby wipes that I buy. So really when it comes to replacing baby wipes this is my very last resort!

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