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Why you should use bamboo washcloths for your baby (and yourself!)

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Oh yea bath time! It‘s one of my favorite things to do to relax ( without the kids that is lol). I love my babies but I also love to bathe alone, and that’s either early in the morning or late at night.

But one of the most important things when it comes to bathing my little ones is things like: what soap do I use and what is in that soap? What am I using to wash them with that will not only clean them and get the job done but more than that: it’s harmless and good for them.

We always think about what’s best for our children and do everything we can to give it to them.

So when it comes to bath time using the right kind of cloth is important to think about. Some cloths contain harmful products and others may not work very well for your babies skin and then again others are just too rough for a soothing bath time.

So here is my 3 main reasons to use bamboo wash cloths for your baby in comparison to for example cotton or terry cloth.

No.1 Soft texture

So firstly, bamboo wash cloths are super soft and that is nice when you use it on very delicate skin such as your baby or even your own face.

Cleansing your skin should be a delightful experience and not a painful one. On top of that some moms have said that using a cloth with a harder texture has caused their babies to break our just because they have sensitive skin and that is something I like to prevent of possible.

This is why I love to use bamboo wash cloths. They also stay soft after many, many washes (but it’s good to use a delicates bag for protection, which is nice!)

No. 2 Cleansing & soaking power

Bamboo has great soaking properties for water and soap and it’s fine texture is great for daily cleansing of the skin. Many people that use bamboo washcloths actually use it as part of their daily skincare routine for a gentle cleanse.

No. 3 Harmless natural fibers

Everyone wants to make their bath time as nice as they can. It is a time to relax and unwind, spoiling your body after a long day and getting prepared for sleep. When enjoying a nice soak yourself or bathing your baby the last thing I want to worry about is if the product I am using is causing harm to the health of my little one. With bamboo washcloths I don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals or plastic ingredients or even pesticides.

Here’s the one I currently use:

Please share below what washcloths you like to use!

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